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Roman Military

The Roman Legion, the ultimate military machine of the ancient world, was the catalyst that spread Roman conquest and civilization throughout the known world. The core of the Roman legion consisted of heavily armored infantry.

Disciplined and well trained Legionaries fought in closed ranks against many warrior based armies, where each man fought for personal glory.

With superior tactics and organization, designed specifically for technology such as the Gladius, the Legion was an unstoppable force for nearly a millennium.

It was among the first paid full time professional army in the world. In this chapter we will explore the Roman army, the impact, strategies and equipment, from the Republic through the fall of the Empire. Details, including foundation, placement and important campaigns, of the individual Roman Legions, important battles on ground and sea, and more will all be explored.

Did you know?

The earliest known Roman army was mainly heavy infantry. Divisions were manned according to personal wealth.

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