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Early Roman Timeline

Early Roman Timeline
1200 BC
Beginning of the first iron age. The Latini migrate to Italy from the Danube region.
1000 BC
Latins settle in the Latium region.
1000 BC
Etruscan tribes move into Italy.
1000 - 800 BC
First settlements on the Palatine Hill.
753 BC
Traditional Founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus.
753 - 716 BC
Rule of Romulus
750 BC
Greek cities founded in Italy.
700 BC
Etruscan civilization dominates the region.
715-674 BC
Reign of Numa Pompilius
673-642 BC
Reign of Tullius Hostilius
642-617 BC
Reign of Ancus Marcius
616-579 BC
Reign of L. Tarquinius Priscus
600 BC
Etruscans build the tombs of Cerveteri.
600 BC
The Forum in Rome is built. (Coincides with a more historical foundation of the city of Rome)
582 BC
Birth of the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, on the island of Samos.
578-535 BC
Reign of Servius Tullius
578 BC
Tarquinius Priscus builds the Cloaca Maxima, the first sewer.
550 BC
Servius Tullius builds city walls.
535-510 BC
Reign of L. Tarquinius Superbus
510 BC
Rape of the Sabines
509 BC
Overthrow of Etruscan kings and destruction of the monarchy by L. Junius Brutus.
509 BC
Establishment of the Roman Republic
509 BC
The temple of Jupiter Capitolinus is built on the Capitoline Hill
508 BC
Creation of the position of Pontifex Maximus as an official, to oversee the Rex Sacrorum.
504 BC
Migration of the Claudii to Rome.
501 BC
Appointment of the first-ever dictator, T. Larcius

Did you know?

There can be nobody so petty or so apathetic in his outlook that he has no desire to discover by what means and under what system of government the Romans succeeded in...bringing under their rule almost the whole of the inhabited world. Polybius Histories 1.1.5

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