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The expansion of Rome and eventual dominance of the western world came at a price. While many cultures came under Roman power through cultural absorption, the primary spread of this power was through its Legions and conquest.

The following Battle Index presents a great number of known battles, both victory and defeats, during the course of Roman history.

Several wars, including the conquest of Britannia and the Germanic Wars of Marcus Aurelius didn't occur as individual recorded battles, but as a great series of conflicts.

In these cases there are gaps where actual battles are not listed and it seems the empire was at peace, but skirmishes, tribal conflicts, elimination and conquests were also scattered throughout without major 'known' battles.

Also be aware that, especially in the 5th century AD where armies are listed as Roman, in many cases, under Aetius or Stlicho for example, the armies were actually made up of various 'barbarian' tribes under the command of Roman Legates.

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Since the objective of these armies was the preservation of the Roman state, in whatever form it still existed in, they have been listed as Roman for the purposes of this index.

Did you know?

The Battle of Adrianople was the beginning of the end for the Roman empire. Was the Roman empire weakening, then the barbarians were on the rise.


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