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Cato the Elder

Cato (sometimes called the Censor) lived from 234 to 149 BC and was one of the most prominent figures in ancient Rome. An accomplished soldier, politician and statesman, his contributions to the Roman world even without his published works are immense.

Though probably best known for his zeal to destroy Carthage and bring on the Third Punic War with the words "Carthago Delende Est"; to remember Cato for this alone is a terrible mistake. He produced many works and was the first historian to write a history of Rome in Latin. Unfortunately a great deal of Cato's literature has been lost to history, but that which remains is an invaluable resource.

De Agricultura (On Farming)

Not Surviving Works:
Origines (a history of Rome from the foundation though the Second Punic War)
Praecepta ad Filium (a collection of maxims)
Carmen de Monibus (a set of rules and philosophy for every day life)
A collection of over 150 speeches

Did you know?

Censors maintained the role of the Senate, deciding who was morally fit to sit on the Senate.

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