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Map of Epirus

Map of Epirus

Epirus is a name applied to an area bordering the Ionian Sea that is shared by modern Greece and Albania. In the northern part, which remained in Albania after diplomatic talks by the Great Powers in 1913/1914, there are Greek minorities, while in the southern Greek district there are Albanian minorities.

In ancient times Epirus ("mainland" as opposed to the offshore islands) was the mountainous coastal district bordered by Illyria, Macedonia and Thessaly. To the south was Aetolia. Epirus was separated from Illyria to the north by the Ceraunian Mountains, and by the river Pindus River. The Acheron river, which was believed by ancient greeks as a river of Hades, flowed through this region, and here stood also the oak grove of Dodona, sacred to Zeus and famous for its oracles.

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