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Sardinia Travel Video

As with Sicily it is hard to find excellent travel videos that feature Sardinia exclusively, as most videos about Sardinia are generally videos about Italy and have only a section for Sardinia.

We tried hard to collect the most popular travel videos about Sardinia (of course most are also available on DVD) and hope we have succeeded with it.

It is also important to look out for the right version of the travel videos, often travel DVD's from the USA do not work in Europe and Asia and vice versa.

Below you will find a selection of Sardinia travel videos. We hope you find them as useful as we think they are.

Travel Videos about Sardinia

Globe Trekker

The Mediterranean islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily are the stepping stones between Europe and Africa. A mix of Italian, French and Moorish traditions visitors have long been attracted to the contrasting cultures and scenery of these three Mediterranean Islands.

This show uncovers the essence of this unique island life: along the muraled walls in the politically charged town of Orgosolo, amidst the giant tombs of ancient Nuraghe ruins, beneath the surface of the wild Bosa coast and on the bustling beaches of San Teodoro.
Hippy Gourmet

Arriving on stunning Sardegna, we made our way to the absolutely stunning hotel and resort Capo D'Orso! Built into the side of a gently sloping hill that leads to pristine beaches and coastal access, Capo D'Orso offers some of the most captivating views and scenery on Sardegna!
Forte Resort

Forte Village is a sprawling property that covers hundreds of acres of beach front property in the southern part of Sardegna. In this episode we are fortunate to meet with Lorenzo Giannuzzi, Managing Director of Forte Village, who takes us on a magical tour of the entire resort.

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