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Sardinia Travel Books

There are plenty of wonderful books about Sardinia, however, there is not one perfect book to review everything about Sardinia! Therefore one has to carefully select the topic one would like to research/read about the beautiful Mediterranean island.

There are excellent books about the recent history of Sardinia like Sea and Sardinia by D. H. Lawrence, fantastic books about the early history of Sardinia like A Prehistory of Sardinia: 2300-500 Bc by Gary Webster or even books about food from the island like Foods of Sicily and Sardinia and the Smaller Islands by Giuliano Bugialli

When you buy books about Sardinia

Make sure the book is specifically about the island of Sardinia or at least it is the "main theme" of a broader subject. There is nothing more irritating than to buy a book about a specific region but you just get an overview instead of in depth information regarding the subject of your choice.

Make sure that you buy a book thats not too old (published date) because the travel information could be out dated. If possible buy a book that has many of pictures of the island. After all, you would like to see as much of the place you are going to as you can to help you plan your trip. We collected the (in our opinion) best travel books about Sardinia available. I hope you find the selection useful. Happy reading!

Very good travel books about Sardinia

Rough Guide

264 pages

Shows travelers how to explore the unique land and culture of Sardinia. Includes a giant full-color foldout map.Designed for independent and adventurous travellers

272 pages

Nobody knows Sardinia like Lonely Planet. Whether you're hunting for the perfect rural retreat, the tastiest seafood or the fairest beach.

288 pages

Covers the capital Cagliari and the south, Ostriano and the west, including Terralba and Cabra, Sassaari and the north, Gallura and the Costa Smeralda and the Nuoro and Ogliastra provinces and Barbagie.
Walking in Sardinia

192 pages

New Paddy Dillon guide to 50 day walks in the mountainous north east of Sardinia, in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy. Includes a mixture of classic and little-known routes for all abilities.
Sardinia (Footprint Focus)

128 pages

Jam-packed with information on this fascinating destination, Footprintfocus Sardinia: Alghero and the North will guide you around all the best sights and sounds.
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