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Roman Timeline 4th Century BC

Roman Timeline 4th Century BC
405 - 396 BC
Siege of Veii finally results in it's capture by M. Furius Camillus.
396 BC
Pay is introduced for Roman soldiers for the first time.
394 BC
The Falerii surrender unconditionally to the Romans under M. Furius Camillus.
390 BC
Disaster of Allia. The Roman army under the command of the military tribunes Q. Servius Fidenas, Q. Sulpicius and P. Cornelius Maluginensis are defeated by the Brennus of the Gauls.
390 BC
Gauls sack city of Rome. Inner capitol is besieged for 7 months, before the invaders are bought off.
388 BC
The Aequi are defeated by the Romans at a battle near Bola.
386 BC
The combined Italian tribes, the Latins, Volscii, and Hernici are defeated by the Romans.
381 BC
The district of Tusculum is pacified after a revolt against Rome, and conquered.
378 BC
Construction of the permanent Servian Wall.
377 BC
The Latins are defeated after the capture of the city of Satricum.
375 BC
No curule magistrates are elected for this year.
367 BC
Lex Liciniae Sextiae is passed restoring the Consulship, plebeians admitted to the office of consul.
367 BC
The amount of public land any man might hold is limited to 500 iugera (300 acres) under a law passed by two tribunes of the plebs, G. Licinius Stolo and L. Sextius.
367 BC
The Temple of Concord is built in Rome.
366 BC
The first plebeian, L. Sextius Sextinus Lateranus, is elected consul.
366 BC
Offices of Praetor and Aedile added to the Cursus Honorum.
366 BC
The introduction of the ludi Romani games.
361 BC
Rome captures the city of Ferentinum.
360 BC
War with cities of Tibur, Praeneste, and the tribe Hernici.
359 BC
The town of Tarquinii revolts against Roman rule.
357 BC
Falerii revolts. Gauls raid Latium.
356 BC
The first plebeian dictator is appointed.
354 BC
Samnites sign a treaty of alliance with Rome.
353 BC
Caere defeated.

352 BC

The tomb of King Mausolus of Caria, known as the Mausoleum, is built to house the remains of the dead King.
351 BC
The office of censor is opened to the plebeians.
348 BC
Treaty with Carthage.
346 BC
The Romans defeat the cities of Antium and Satricum.
343 - 341 BC
First Samnite War, Romans occupy northern Campania.
340 - 338 BC
Great Latin War: Rome conquers the seaport of Antium.
338 BC
Latin League dissolved and Latin rights partial citizenship established.
338 BC
The rostra, or speaking platform, is created by G. Maenius.
337 BC
Office of praetor opened to plebeians.
336 BC
The Romans capture the town of Teanum Sidicinum.
334 BC
Alexander the Great of Macedonia begins his eastern campaigns.
332 BC
Creation of two new tribes at Rome, Maecia and Scaptia. Rome signs a treaty with the city of Tarentum.
330 BC
Ostia founded.
329 BC
The Circus Maximus is completed in Rome.
328 BC
Etruria and Campania annexed.
326 - 304 BC
Second Samnite War. Rome increases its influence in southern Italy.
321 BC
The Battle of the Caudine Forks. Rome defeated by the Samnites.
312 BC
Construction of the first aqueduct, the Aqua Appia, and the first major road, the Via Appia, which connected Rome with southern Italy.
312 BC
The number of rural tribes in Rome is raised to twenty-seven.
311 BC
Etruscans join the Samnites against Rome.
307 BC
The Italian tribe, the Hernici, revolt against Rome.
304 BC
Aequi defeated. Under the censor Fabius Maximus Rullianus landless new citizens are assigned to four tribes in the city.
304 BC
End of the Second Samnite War, Rome establishes many new colonies and gains control over much of central and southern Italy.
300 BC
Lex Ogulnia is passed, which states that half of the members of Rome's priestly colleges must be plebeian.
300 BC
Lex Valeria passed by a tribune of the plebs granted the legal right to appeal against any capital sentence passed on a Roman citizen.

Did you know?

At the Battle of the Claudine Forks, the Romans under Spurius Postumius and T. Verturius Calvinus were defeated by the Samnites under Gaius Pontius.


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