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Roman Timeline 5th Century BC

Roman Timeline 5th Century BC
496 BC
Battle of Lake Regillus between Rome and the Latin League.
494 BC
First Secession of the Plebs in Rome. Creation of the tribunes of the plebs, two of whom are elected annually.
493 BC
Treaty known as the Foedus Cassianum between Latin League and Rome.
491 BC
Coriolanus, Roman commander of the Volscians is exiled.
491 BC
The temple of Fortuna Muliebris is built.
490 BC
The Greeks under Miltiades defeat the invading Persians under King Darius at the battle of Marathon.
486 - 436 BC
War with the Aequi and the Volsci, which continues on and off for another 50 years.
483 BC
The temple of Castor is completed and dedicated.
482 - 474 BC
Intermittent wars with Veii.
480 BC
The last stand of the 300 Spartans occurs under Leonidas at Thermopylae.
480 BC
The Greek forces under the general Themistocles defeat the invading Persian navy under King Xerxes at the battle of Salamis.
474 BC
The Greek city-states in Italy win a naval battle at Cumae and crush Etruscan power in Campania.
471 BC
Creation of the concilium Plebis. Office of the tribunes officially recognized.
457 BC
The Aequi win a battle at Mt. Algidus. L. Quinctius Cincinnatus becomes dictator and rescues remaining Roman army
456 BC
The plebeians of Rome are granted land in the Aventine.
451 BC
The decemvirate (council of ten) gains power and establishes The Code of the Twelve Tables.
449 BC
Fall of the decemvirate and the power of the tribunes further defined.
449 BC
Secession of the plebs. The lex Valeria Horatia grants the tribunician inviolability.
447 BC
Creation of position for two quaestors, elected by the tribal assembly.
445 BC
Law passed by a tribune named Canuleius, the lex Canuleia, replaces the consuls with military tribunes with consular powers.
445 BC
Passing of the lex Canuleia, a law allowing plebeians and patricians to marry.
443 BC
Introduction of the office of censor to the Cursus Honorum.
439 BC
Gn. Spurius Maelius attempts to make himself king of Rome, but is thwarted by dictator Quinctius Cincinnatus. Maelius is killed by Quintus Servilius Ahala.
435 BC
Q. Servilius Fidenas excavates a tunnel under the walls of the city of Fidenae in order to capture it.
434 BC
The terms of office for censors are fixed at four years.
433 BC
The temple of Apollo at Rome is built.
431 BC
The Aquei are driven from Mt. Algidius by M. Furius Camillus.
428 BC
Rome conquers Fidenae.
427 BC
Comitia Centuriata given final voice in the matter of declaration of war.
421 BC
The number of positions of quaestors is increased to four, and it is opened to plebeians.
409 BC
Three of the elected quaestors are plebeians.
406 BC
The city of Anxur is besieged and captured by the Romans.

Did you know?

"SPQR" :stands for "Senatus Populusque Romanus." ["The Senate and People of Rome."] This Latin motto of the Ancient Roman Empire that sounded imperial glory for millennia.


Roman Timeline 5th Century BC - History of Roman Battles


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