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UNRV History Glossary

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Macedonia Roman Province located north-east of the Greek mainland and northwest of Asia Minor.
Macedonicus General that fought in the Third Macedonic War.
Magistrates Elected officials responsible for administrating the Republic.
Marcian Roman Emperor that reined from AD 450 to AD 457.
Marcus Antonius The main rival of Octavianus for total control of Rome.
Marriage Laws Social Laws introduced by Emperor Augustus in BC 18.
Martialis Writer of Epigrams.
Matrimonum Marriage was an important institution throughout Roman history.
Medicine Mix of limited scientific knowledge and a deeply rooted religious/mythical system.
Milites Gregarius The basic private level foot soldier.
Minerva Goddess of Wisdom, Learning, the Arts, Sciences, Medicine, Dyeing, Trade, and of War.
Mithridates VI King of Pontus and also major enemy of Rome.
Moesia Modern day Bulgaria and Serbia.

Roman Glossary

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Roman Glossary


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