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UNRV History Glossary

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Saggitarii Mounted bowman armed with reflex bows.
Sallust Historian, tribune, and supporter of Caesar.
Samnite Wars Conflict with Samnium over Campanian dominance.
Sardinia For 694 years a Roman Province.
Sarmatia An expansive stretch of land reaching from the Caspian Sea.
Senate The deliberative governing body of the Roman Republic.
Sejanus One of the runner-ups to be the 3rd Emperor but did not succeed.
Seneca Roman philosopher, dramatist, and statesman of the highest order.
Seneca the Elder He wrote a collection of Debates and Pleadings.
Severus II. Roman Emperor who reined from AD 306 to AD 307.
Sextus Pompey The son of Pompeius Magnus and major threat to Octavian's rule.
Sextus Propertius Said to be the greatest elegiac poet.
Sicilia Modern day Sicily and the first ever province of Rome.
Silk Fibrous substance produced by the mulberry silk-moth.
Slavery An integral piece of Roman daily life and the economy.
Sol InvictusFrom the Syrians adopted Roman God of the sun and the Roman state.
SpartacusThracian leader of massive slave revolt.
StraboGreek historian, philosopher and geographer of special importance.
Struggle of the OrdersRecurring pattern of the patricians having power.
Sulla Famous Roman Republican Statesmen.
Suetonius Biographer, worked as the private secretary of the emperor Hadrian.
Syria In 64 BC Pompey officially annexed Syria as a Roman province.

Roman Glossary

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Roman Glossary


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