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UNRV History Glossary

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Galatia Formally incorporated into an official Roman province by Augustus in 25 BC.
Galba Emperor succeeding Nero.
Galen One of Rome's most prominent physician.
Gallic Wars Major invasion of Gaul led by Caesar for total control that lasted 8 years.
Gaul The region of modern-day France and parts of Belgium, western Germany, and northern Italy.
Gellius Writer of Noctes Atticae.
Gergovia A hill fort besieged by Caesar before the siege of Alesia.
Germanicus Tiberius' adoptive son and heir but died before becoming emperor.
Gladiator Gladiators were both professional and amateur fighters in ancient Rome.
Gladius Roman double-edged short sword.
Germania Organized by Augustus as a military buffer zone with the Germanics.
Geta Son of Septimius Severus, reined in AD 211.
Government The Roman government was a mix of a democracy, monarchy and a republic.
Governor The governor of any Roman province had four major tasks.

Roman Glossary

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Roman Glossary


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