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UNRV History Glossary

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Pamphylia Under Claudius in 43 AD, Pamphylia was formally annexed as its own province.
Pannonia Roman Province along the Danube with borders to Noricum, Dalmatia and Moesia.
Pax Goddess of peace. Her festivals are January 3 and 30 and July 4.
Perusine War War between Octavian and Lucius Antoninus.
Petronius Roman satirist though his identity is somewhat in doubt.
Philippi Major battle between the Senate and Octavian/ Antony for control.
Philo Jewish philosopher from Alexandria.
Pliny (Elder) A Roman naturalist, friend and soldier of Vespasian.
Pliny (Younger) An influential orator and statesman of the early empire.
Plutarch Greek and Roman historian and pre-eminent biographer.
Polybius Greek historian and influential politician of the Achaean League.
Pompeii Famous Italian city destroyed and preserved by Mt. Vesuvius.
Pontifex Maximus The head priest of the Roman state religion.
Pontius Pilate Famous Roman figure in Christianity.
Pontus Pontus was annexed as a joint province with neighboring Bithynia in 63 BC.
Praetor Was annually elected magistrate of the ancient Roman Empire.
Praetorian Guard They were the Emperor's personal body guards.
Primus Pilus Commanding centurion of the first cohort and senior centurion of the entire Legion.
Provocatores Challengers; Gladiator paired against the Samnites.
Punic Wars Three wars between Carthage and Rome that resulted in the destruction of Carthage.
Pyrrhic War Greek general who defeated the Romans but suffered immense casualties.

Roman Glossary

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Roman Glossary


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