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UNRV History Glossary

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Caledonia Modern day Scotland.
Caligae Heavy military sandals that used iron hob-nails as treads.
Caligula Third emperor in the Julio-Claudian line.
Calendar The original Roman calendar was assumedly borrowed, in part, from the Greeks.
Cappadocia Inland territory in Asia Minor bordering eastern provinces.
Carrhae Battle where Crassus suffered almost total annihilation.
Cavalry It was considered secondary and would remain the weakest part of the Roman Army.
Cato the Elder Roman soldier, politician, statesman, and writer of De Agricultura.
Catullus Influential Roman poet (84 - 54 BC).
Censor Elected every 5 years to conduct census and enroll new citizens.
Ceres Goddess of agriculture, lawgiver and the love a mother bears for her child.
Christianity Eastern religion that became eventually the official Roman religion.
Cicero Famous Roman politician, lawyer, and orator.
Cilicia Made a single province under Vespasian in 72 AD.
Cimbri Germanic tribe defeated by Marius.
Cisalpine Gaul The part of Gaul on the Roman side of the Alps.
City Government Cities were governed by local authorities.
Claudius Fourth emperor in the Julio - Claudian line.
Cleopatra The last Pharaoh of Egypt.
Clothing Ancient Roman clothing which mainly was the tunica, stola, and toga.
Coins Main Roman form of currency.
Colosseum The Colosseum, (Flavian Amphitheatre) is one of Rome's most famous buildings.
Columella Retired soldier who wrote De re rustica.
Comitia The 3 citizen assemblies were Comitia Curiata, C. Centuriata and the Plebis Tributa.
Constantine II. Emperor Flavius Claudius Constantinus reined from AD 337 to AD 340
Constantius I. Chlorus Emperor Flavius Valerius Constantius reined from AD 305 to AD 306.
Constitution The formal structure of the Republican government.
Consul The chief civil and military magistrates, elected through the assemblies by popular vote.
Copper Ductile, malleable metal that occurs naturally. Used by Romans to make bronze and coins.
Corsica A Roman Province for more then five centuries.
Crassus Part of the first Triumvirate and the richest man in Rome during Late Republic.
Crete Greek island that was conquered by Quintus Caecilius Metellus and made into a province.
Cursus Honorum Offices in the Roman government mainly held by Patricians.
Cyprus Roman province from 27 BC until the 12th century AD (Byzanz).

Roman Glossary

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Roman Glossary


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