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UNRV History Glossary

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Laelianus One of the third century "gallic emperors" and usurpers.
Lancearii The Roman light cavalry.
Laquerii Gladiator Type who used a rope and noose.
Latin The language of the Roman Empire. It was also the language of education in the Middle Ages.
Latin Revolt Fearing Roman domination, the Latin states rebelled.
Latium Italian region that Rome was located in.
Legion (Empire) Helped the Empire spread Roman influence while conquering its enemies.
Legion (Republican) Was largely a citizen army until the reforms of Marius.
Leo the Great Roman Emperoro that reined from AD 457 till AD 474.
Leo II Son of Zeno who died very shortly within his reign.
Lictors Lictors were a representation of the power of the elected magistrates over the people.
Livy Historian who worked under Augustus.
Lucan Latin poet born in Córdoba, Spain.
Lucian Among the greatest of Roman satirists, but also wrote poems, rhetoric and biographies.
Lucifer Roman God of the morning star.
Lucretius Poet and philosopher who advocated the existence of man on a natural scientific level.
Lycia Ancient coastal region of southwest Turkey.

Roman Glossary

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Roman Glossary


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